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BGP Simulator

Today i found a BGP simulatur available through: http://cbgp.info.ucl.ac.be/


Apache-SSL BasicAuth not working after Sarge upgrade

After upgrading the debian apache-ssl package from woody to sarge the Basic Authentication did not work anymore.

In my case the error was the SSLFakeBasicAuth setting in the httpd.conf.
Unsetting this directive fixed the problem


Apache LDAP and htaccess authentication

if you would like to setup an two phase apache2 htaccess+ldap authentication this are the right settings:

AuthName "access" AuthType Basic AuthUserFile /etc/apache2/rt.htpasswd AuthLDAPAuthoritative On AuthAuthoritative Off AuthLDAPURL "ldap://host/OU=<name>,DC=<domain>,DC=com?samAccountName?sub?(objectCategory=person)(ObjectClass=User)" AuthLDAPBindDN <binduser> AuthLDAPBindPassword <bindpassword> order allow,deny allow from all require valid-user

the important settings are:

AuthLDAPAuthoritative On AuthAuthoritative Off

with his apache checks both the htaccess and the LDAP users


Test from e61

Hello this is a test blog from my nokia e61 via Kablog does the stuff work ?


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My first blog entry

Hi there,

i`ve just setup my new blog and you are in the great pleasure to read the very first post.

Maybe you`re visiting my blog again later ?


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