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Apache LDAP and htaccess authentication

if you would like to setup an two phase apache2 htaccess+ldap authentication this are the right settings:

<br /> AuthName "access"<br /> AuthType Basic<br /> AuthUserFile /etc/apache2/rt.htpasswd<br /> AuthLDAPAuthoritative On<br /> AuthAuthoritative Off<br /> AuthLDAPURL "ldap://host/OU=<name>,DC=<domain>,DC=com?samAccountName?sub?(objectCategory=person)(ObjectClass=User)"<br /> AuthLDAPBindDN <binduser><br /> AuthLDAPBindPassword <bindpassword></p> <p>order allow,deny<br /> allow from all<br /> require valid-user<br />

the important settings are:

<br /> AuthLDAPAuthoritative On<br /> AuthAuthoritative Off<br />

with his apache checks both the htaccess and the LDAP users

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